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Facebook Advertisement is Smart, Affordable and very Convenient

Is there any newspaper which can focus on your target group?

Are there any advertisements in TV channels, print media or Radio Stations which only a targeted group can see, read or hear? NO! there isn't. That means, every time you advertise, you are making investments on unintended targets too. Now no more unproductive advertising…….. As we can now promote our products and services through Facebook with much better results.

There are around 1,400,000 facebook users in Nepal as of March 2012, with the number increasing rapidly everyday. WOW!!! Now, select your customers/ target group from the total users and advertise for them only making every penny of your investment worthy.

So, how can you target your prospective customers from this large pool of people?

Facebook gives you the ability and control to target your ads in such a way that you are able to reach everyone on Facebook who fits your target market’s criteria.

You can choose to target people based on their demographic information and various other information as what the like, read, people and activities they enjoy following, their participations and so on....

Hence, by being able to effectively target your audience, you get a higher click through rate, better conversions, and achieve a better ROI on your ads, compared to other mass marketing advertisements - you may have placed in the past.

With higher click through rates, you also pay a lower cost per click!


For Eg.: You want to advertise your college's MBA program. The existing methods of promotion their rates based on total readership or viewership even though you are only targeting a specific group of people. It means you are paying in full only to get partial results. So, why not pay less and get much better results? 

From now, with facebook ads you will target only those that fall under your pre-defined group. If your target group is defined as users between 20yrs – 25yrs of age, the ad will only appear in the Facebook page of users who are between 20-25 years of age.

Your investment will not be wasted as you will only pay for the ads that are published within your target group.


How Much will I be charged for Facebook Ads?????

Facebook makes it incredibly easy for you to plan your budget while buying facebook ads. You are given the option to pay for your ads on different bases like cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and also give you the freedom to start and stop campaigns at a simple click of a button. You can also set a targeted daily budget so you are never spending too much or too little depending on your marketing needs.

You select your own budget. Say $1, $2, $5, $10 per day……..

You select your own timings. Say, 1st April to 20th April

So, for 20 days you have to pay only $20 if your budget is $1 per day….. Only $20 for 20 days…..
Isn't that AFFORDABLE?????

How many times will the ad be published with $1 per day?

You are very wise if you are thinking about this already!

Now there are two ways how facebook charges the advertiser:


In CPC, you don't have to worry about the ad publishing/impressions; you just have to pay for the clicks that you receive through your advertisement. Then once your daily budget is reached through clicks, your ad will stop being displayed for the day.

If your daily budget is $1, the total number of clicks that you will receive before your ad gets closed is as follows: 

1/0.01 = 100 clicks                      
(0.01 is the cost per click)

In CPM, you don't pay for the clicks on your ad but you pay for the impressions of your ad in the pages of the Facebook users. That is if your daily budget is as low as $1, the total number of impressions would be:

1/0.02 x 1000 = 50,000 impressions  

(0.02 is the cost per 1000 impression)

For a month, you spend $30 if your daily budget is $1, and you can get

50,000 x 30 = 1,500,000 impressions

How effective is that? With $30 dollars you can have 1,500,000 impressions a month Facebook Ads are very very effective indeed!!!


I want to advertise, who can help me with the Facebook Ads?

By now you know that Facebook ad is smarter choice and more affordable. Now, I would make Facebook ads convenient for you…
With plenty of ads for plenty of people running successfully, its time for you to get visble as well!

I will set up facebook ad for you and manage all the payments with facebook. You don’t have to worry about credit cards linkages, bank account linkages, paypal accounts etc. You simply have to pay the amount charged by facebook and leave the rest to me.

Its totally  hassle free for you!!!


How will I know how much I have spent on Facebook Ads not being charged extra?????

This should come to your mind if you are considering of the payment.

There is a weekly report of your expenditure, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM that I will extract for you from facebook. So, I will make you all the statistics available. Cent percent transparent! 

No additional charges extra on your ads but there is a nominal set up fee to keep me going with the services to all……………
Check the Sample Report below:
Can you have 853,348 displays viewed by 397 people, checking in your website or facebook page only by spending as low as $16.48? No way!
Facebook ad is a fantastic way to reach your intended customers and clients to sell and promote your products and services.
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