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Employee Management Services 
(Mr. Ajaya K.
Class Timings: Tuesday (7-10 AM)
Group A - Bibha, Kriti, Sudha
Organization: Ace Institute of Management
Group B - Amrit, Deepti, Manisha
Organization: Prime Bank /  CWIN
Group C - Srijana, Pallavi, Subhechha
Organization: ODC / Surya Nepal
Group D - Jackson, Neha, Sarvesh
Organization: Worldlink

The group work would be qualitative in nature and covers area of, understanding of Employee relations practices, importance given to employee relations, strategies adopted, existence of union and their role, collecting bargaining and grievances handling practices, employee’s perspective Vs Organizational perspective, impact on Organizational performance and employee satisfaction and others specific, if any.

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Human Resource Management
(Mr. Jayan
Class Timings: Tuesday (6-9 PM)
Assignment 1 
Q1. How can IT help in HRD?
Q2. Differences in HRS (Dell, Amazon, HP or other) to current context.
Q3. Organization Structure.
Assignment 2
Q1. Company Profile.
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Compensation Management 
(Mr. Jayendra Rimal -
Class Timings: Wednesday (7-10 AM)
Group Project
Resources (Slides)

Please use the following statements/questions to analyse the Case (Building a Foundation for Effective Pay Programs) that was given to you some time back. This assignment is due on Wednesday's class.


n What are the important facts stated in the Case?

n     Draw inferences from these facts and mention these.

n     State the problem(s) of the Case.

n Develop alternate solutions to the problem and then state the consequences of each.

n     Determine and support a course of action from among the solutions that have been identified.

Operation Service Management
(Mr. Vibhor Jha -
Class Timings : Tuesday & Friday (6-9) PM 
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